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Welcome to the
Tschierlei Research Group

Current Group Members

Stefanie Tschierlei, Dr.

Group Leader

Stefanie Tschierlei
Phone:+49 (0)731/50-22583
Email:stefanie.tschierlei mail

Robin Giereth, M. Sc.

PhD Student

Robin Giereth
Phone:+49 (0)731/50-23921
Email:robin.giereth mail
Office/Lab:O25/630 and 668

Jasmin Gerlach,

Bachelor Student

Jasmin Gerlach
Phone:+49 (0)731/50-23921
Email: mail

Benedikt Bagemihl, B. Sc.


Benedikt Bagemihl
Phone:+49 (0)731/50-23921
Email: mail

Available Positions

Postdoctoral Researchers

Postdoctoral researchers with a background in photocatalysis, coordination chemistry or optical spectroscopy are highly encouraged to apply. Please include a cover letter, a CV including your publications, a short research summary and name at least two contact persons. Applications can be submitted at all time in pdf via email.

PhD students

Students interested in mechanistic studies of photocatalytic processes and the photochemistry and photophysics of coordination compounds are welcome to apply. Please contact me via email for further information.


If you are interested in a bachelor or master thesis or in a project work in my group, please contact me via email.